Owner             Hotel Collection co.,ltd

Architect          V I J I T - P I S A D A co.,ltd  and  Stem Design co.,ltd

Engineer         Stem Design co.,ltd

Conceptual     Touch Spirit of Cambodia Sea, Touch Local Charming, Touch Modus Vivendi
Location          Private Island, Cambodia

Overall View_01.jpg
Overall View_02.jpg
Overall View_03.jpg
Overall View_04.jpg
Swimming Pool_02.jpg
Swimming Pool_03.jpg
Swimming Pool_05.jpg
Swimming Pool_06.jpg
The Chill_02.jpg
The Chill_06.jpg
Ocean Restaurant_01.jpg
Ocean Restaurant_02.jpg
Ocean Restaurant_09.jpg
Ocean Restaurant_08.jpg
beach front villa_02.jpg
beach front villa_01.jpg
beach front villa_03.jpg
beach front pool villa_01.jpg
beach front pool villa_02.jpg
beach front pool villa_06.jpg
2 bedroom ocean view pool villa_01.jpg
beach front villa_05.jpg
beach front villa_07.jpg
3 bedroom ocean view pool villa_01.jpg
3 bedroom ocean view pool villa_06.jpg
3 bedroom ocean view pool villa_04.jpg